Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Site!!

We just got a new website that has tons of room and we can post pics/videos much easier. Please start checking it regularly for updates on our family. Here's the link:

I hope you enjoy!! 

Sunday, August 24, 2008


We had a very fun weekend as a family. Friday night our church had a date night for all the married couples and provided free child care. They showed the movie "Fireproof" which is actually coming out to theaters on September 26. It was amazing! It's about a marriage thats struggling and it has the Gospel right in there all about Jesus! It was very captivating the entire movie and I definitely recommend it!! You have to see it the weekend it comes out for the movie to stay in theaters though so go see it!! (it's from the same people who made "Facing the Giants"). Here s link to watch the trailer:
It was a great night we enjoyed with friends from our small group class.

Saturday we played at the park and enjoyed a relaxing day together as a family. Sunday was filled with church, lunch, a trip to Walmart, and lots of playing with Hannah bear. Here are some recent pictures:

She wants to hold the camera, but she was showing me her new boots she tried on. Aren't they cute!?

Today she climbed into the dryer for the first time.. naked. It was right after bath time and Daddy was about to put the clothes in from the washer, she scurried in there so excited. It was as if she does this all the time.

This is her new spot in the kitchen while I cook or pack lunches. She says "Haaannnaaahh" to get me to say "Where's Hannah?" and look around everywhere for her. Then she pops her head out all excited.

Here's us at the Varsity for the first time. The food's not very good, but we had fun taking our friend Nathan there.

Friday, August 22, 2008

learning and growing

This will have to be a quick update wtihout pics b/c I"m on my lunch break at work. I'm 18 weeks pregnant and we found out it's a boy! Woohoo! to be honest I expected a girl and thought that it just made sense to have another girl. I even thought how it would be cheaper and why wouldn't God want us to save money. haha.. God is so much bigger than money and I am so small with how I think sometimes. Anyways, I'm very excited to have a boy on the way and experience a new adventure.

Now on to talking about Hannah.
She is a whoping 23lbs 31 inches now. :) and happy as could be. lately, she's exploding with new words and it makes Jon and I laugh daily at the cute things she says. Some of my favorites are: pey (pray), towee (trolley).. at church we ride a trolley in from the parking lot and it's Hannah's favorite! She's also saying wuh you for love you which melts our hearts every time!!

OH yes and she's obsessed with going potty but doesn't actually go on a potty yet! haha. She was following us to the bathroom every time we'd have to go and got so excited saying "pee pee" over and over. She says "mama peepee?" just to see if I"d go to the bathroom with her. So now we got her her own little potty and she thinks it's amazing! She'll hold herself, say PeePee a million times and you take her, pull the diaper offer and set her on it. She then makes the psssss sound as if she is really going!! then stands up and yells "yyeaaay!" It's absolutely adorable and hilarious every time!

We want to encourage her to learn to use a potty but I"m not sure if she's too young so we're not pushing for her to really go yet. If you have any advice, let me know! :)

I've got to go and track down some more speech kids now for therapy.
I hope you have an amazing, blessed day!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

sand, water, swings, and fun

We're back in GA and busy as can be. We had an amazing vacation to Panama City last week and were able to spend lots of time with my parents and see my sister, Dana and her husband Jason who came for the weekend. We got a huge condo where the whole family stayed right on the beach all weekend and had a blast. While we were there we were able to even go out to eat with old friends while my parents baby sat both our kids.

Now that we're back I started back to work full-time, we have our friend Nathan visiting till Monday and Jon's parents coming Sunday night and staying for a week. It seems the craziness won't be stopping for a while. We're excited to see everyone though and Hannah seems to be enjoying the constant chaos for now.
Here are highlights from our trip. I'll try and add more pics once my dad and sister send me theirs.

This is Hannah showing me sand.

Here's how you throw sand
and here's how you put sand in a bucket. She had so much fun on the beach and I never realized how messy it can be. On our first trip down to play on the beach it only took about 10 minutes and Hannah face planted herself right in the sand. It was EVERYWHERE!!! We had to rush up to the hose and Jon has to spray her in the face to get the sand away from her eyes. She thought it was hilarious and asked for more water in the face. :)
Daddy picked out this chair for her and it's still her favorite
Yes, I made my family dress alike and take pics on the beach. It ended up being fun so they both stopped complaining. heheh

ready for the beach! She'd yell "BEEEP" to get us to go.
still in love :)
Dana, the little tiger!

Thanks for the new outfit GAP! Here's Hannah ready to drive. We went searching for garage sales together this morning and it was way more fun than I thought. I needed some games for my speech kids at work and the very first one we came to had tons of games for $2 each! I got 4 games (2 of which had 3 games in one) a basketball hoop for my classroom, and a baby for Hannah for $10! Yeay for our adventure! Hannah loved it too. She gave the lady the money for me and thought that was so neat.

Here we are at the swings with the $1 baby we just got at the garage sale. Hannah made me push him in the swing too.
Hannah pushing the baby.
then she made the baby go down the slide and would cheer for him when he got to the bottom.
That's it for now. God is so good and we're so thankful for our little girl and baby on the way! I"m off to eat lunch and clean up while Hannah's still napping. Then we're taking Nathan downtown to the Varsity for dinner. We've never been and neither has he.. so hopefully it's good. Oh yeah, Hannah says 'come on" now and it's adorable!! it sounds more like "Mon" and she motions her hand for you to come. I love it! :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Aquarium videos

Here is a video of Hannah and Caroline with the sea lions. This is probably their favorite exhibit in the whole place.

The day before this Hannah had just learned to spin in circles and is very proud of this new ability. Here she is showing off for Daddy.

These go with the pics below, I just didn't know if it would all work into one post. Have a great week!

GA aquarium day with the Vermilyeas

Here are some highlights of our trip to the GA aquarium with the Vermilyeas Friday. It was so nice to visit with them and see Hannah and Caroline play so well together. Thanks to my wonderful cousin Melissa who gave us free tickets we were able to go twice this summer. Thank you Melissa!! :)

about to do her spinning for the fish
Caroline (blondie) and Hannah (brunette) both amazed at the fish

I wish I knew this guys name, but this is Hannah's best friend the sea lion. Her and Caroline sat stayed here about ten minutes watching him swim by over and over again.
Hannah decided Ryan wasn't paying enough attention to the fish and needed to look.

Hannah showing Caroline the crocodile...
then she showed Caroline her shoes which they both seemed to be equally as interested in as the crocodile :)
giving hugs :)
jelly fish
Jarvis family.. (I"m 13 weeks)

Up higher you could see waves crashing over the glass.. very cool
going down the whale slide with daddy
showing a stranger the fish.. in case he didn't notice
The girlies

Hannah walked over, handed Steph the camera and said "me, me, me". So Steph took her picture and this was Hannah's pose. :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

old pics but new update...

It's been a while so these pics are a little old but here they are anyways. We've been pretty good. God is working in our lives tremendously and I'm learning about trusting Him completely. I've been learning about this a long time but God hasn't given up on me. :) I"m excited to see what God has in mind for the Jarvis family up here in GA. I'm still just working 2 days a week which I love! Jon loves his job more everyday and is influenced by very Godly men each day who take time to invest in him. It's such a blessing! Hannah really likes her school and gets very excited the 2 days we take her so that makes me a happier gal at work. Last week I started a new bible study with girls from our small group and I am really enjoying it. God is so amazing and I"m so thankful that He continues to amaze us with His grace!!

Ok I"m done being random.. kinda. Here are pics of what's been going on lately.

Hannah in her new dress Nana got her. Thank you Nana!
She insisted on swinging on the big girl swing so I thought I'd let her try it. She was so careful and held on really tight.
For the 4th of July we got to see some dear old friends the Vermilyeas and the Brinkleys. Here are Hannah and Caroline playing together. Hannah got sick that night unfortunately, but we still had a great time and she's all better now.
I just love this dress.. THANK YOU Stephie!
thinking hard...

First ride on one of these mall rides things.. She didn't really like it. oh well.
Hannah and her great aunt Stephie trying on hats.
PopPop and Hannah bear.
Me at 10 weeks. The belly grows quick the second time I guess.
I know you'd rather see Hannah, but this is Jon and I just before our date. :)

That's about it for the Jarvis family. We love you and I'll try and keep up with more pics soon.